Below is an example of my typical design process, but each client is unique and I always start by understanding your needs. From there we decide the best process for your interior design, exterior design, or color project.

Initial Consultation

First, I meet with you, get an understanding of what design you need, and take photos of the space you want me to work with. During that meeting we settle on the scope, cost, and schedule of services.

We can always change going forward, but it's important for me to spend time up-front so that you know what you're receiving in exchange for your hard-earned dollars.

Design Concepting

Then I get to work. I typically start by creating one or more design concept drawings. These are typically hand-drawn and often explore various design options for your consideration.  During this time I'm considering all of the details and requirements of your project to create feasible options for you and your space.  


After the drawings are complete, we meet again to review all of the designs, and we decide on the final direction for your space.

3D Design Modeling

After we decide on the design concept, I can create a 3D model so you can view your space from multiple angles.  The 3D models allow you to really see and experience the space and get a better sense of the layout and materials.

Project Execution

Once the design is finalized, we can start looking for materials, get bids, and start the work to make your project a reality.  Sometimes I am involved in this part, sometimes not.

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Link to view Laura's work on Houzz
Link to view Laura's work on Houzz
Link to view Laura's work on Houzz

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